When you first start out to learn something you are not very good at it.  

Then with time everything improves until you reach a level of competence.


What do you do when you are as good as you think you are?


Well, you have two choices.


First you could carry on the way you are being at a certain level of competence. I suggest that given the human condition you would probably get bored with this scenario fairly quickly.


I think our nature is to constantly strive for improvement.


The second choice is to apply your wisdom, knowledge and inner knowing to the task of learning at a higher level. This would keep your interest and I would suggest spark your inspiration to see what is possible.


Once you make the decision to up the ante you become committed to a higher purpose within yourself.


One of the things I have learned is that if you are interested in something then it is worth your while to keep at it. You will get better and soon maybe even be an expert.


Thomas Edison failed at inventions all the time yet he never gave up because of his passion.


Living your life at a new level is fun, inspiring and a model for others. Many around you don’t know what is possible for them.  You can lead the way.


This is who you are.