There are times in our life when we meet the inevitable situation where it looks like there  is no where to go. The options have run out. We are lost at sea without land in sight. The ship tips and rolls on the waves of agony as we desperately seek our next step.


Sometimes, life does seem desperate. Our feelings are big, our attitude is dark, our fear is real. We seem to have lost our footing. 


Where to turn?


Turn to the only place where there is solid ground, your intuitive heart.


You and me came here with all the wisdom we need to take the life journey from beginning to end. There has never been and never will be anything missing for us on our life path.


It’s just that external circumstances distract us from who we are. So we try and react from what we have learned from the elders. Whoever they are.


If today is challenging because of circumstances, take a few moments to remember who you are. 


The storehouse of your intuition and wisdom is full and waiting for you and me to access it.  Let’s do it today. It will be a better day because that which looked impossible will become possible.


This is who you are.