Let’s look at the idea of living with no straining and no pushing. I am sure some days you feel like you are pushing water up hill.  

When you go into that beautiful head of yours to figure things out a mechanism is fired up like turning on an engine.


Now here you are, its two a.m. and you have reviewed the past week, the coming week, activities planned for next month and an exciting trip you are taking in a couple of months leaving you wide awake and anxious about having to rise in a few hours.


The mind loves this kind of activity because it gives it food to chew on. It acts like a hungry rabbit eating all your spring tulips. Just can’t get enough.


What would you imagine your life to be like if you were just awake and present to this moment?

Ok, now don’t have your mind go to work on this possibility!


Just imagine what it would feel like to have the breath going in your body feel like warm water bathing you gently from the inside.

Then your breath goes out and you experience a gentle breeze leaving you relaxed and calm just as if you were lying on a beach enjoying the gentle waves roll in and out.


There is no strain. There is no pushing.


There is a connection to your Essential Self, totally present to your experience at all levels of your existence in this moment.


What you will notice as you practice this is your knowing self is activated. It is the essential self which holds the key to your wisdom room.


Every one of us has one, you included. No straining. No Pushing.


Just knowing.