Yesterday, I missed writing a Hopeful Note as one of a very few times in the past seven years.

The other day I wrote about little bits of change.

They happen just when you least expect them.

Sunday night I had to go to emergency because I was in so much pain with my gall bladder.

It ended up in emergency surgery with me on the table having the gall bladder ranked out.

No big deal, my ego said.

Good to get rid of it.

You didn’t need it anyway.

Right, except I was under the knife one more time having a body part cut out.

How many times does a guy want to go through that?

The ego’s voice of no big deal is one that pushed aside emotions, feelings and awareness.

There is a shutting down that occurs when the ego speaks loudly.

For me, it seems to speak most loudly when I am in a tough situation that I can’t control.

Now that I am home, the opening to gratitude is here.

Gratitude for the great medical care and gratitude for the awakening of a deeper consciousness about my life.

It is not the voice of the ego that provides the lesson here.

It is the voice of my awakened heart.

That is the voice of gratitude for all that you and I have in our lives.

We need to be aware of taking care of it.

This is who you are.