I got new glasses. Those of us who wear glasses have a lens in front of our eyes that helps us see clearly. man with glassesDoes this improve our view of the world?

What I have become aware of is the lens through which all of us see is only accurate in relation to our attitudes and beliefs about how our world works.

We may have 20/20 vision  when looking at the doctor’s eye chart but that is only a technical number.

It does not portray what we are really seeing.

Our brain interprets the information it takes in according to what we think we know is true.

Then we analyze and make conclusions based on our historical knowledge filed in our memory bank.

This is why I think it is important to have others around us who we trust to talk about our judgements and actions to see if we are on track.

It’s the old adage that a new set of eyes may see something we cannot see.

This can be valuable for our progress, if we trust the other person.

It is when we are so sure that what we see is true that I think we might check it out with someone else.

That way you can also check within yourself with your own knowing to see if what someone else sees is in fact in line with what you see.

It can be valuable to bring new possibilities forward, previously not considered.

Our ego mind wants us to believe we are always right.

Take another look.

Use the lens through which you see to gather information then check it out with others.

Your chances of success will be much higher than going at it alone.

This is who you are.


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