The garden is alive with new small flowers poking up out of the wet ground. They sit quietly waiting for the warm sum and cool rain to nourish their growth process.

In the meantime they offer me beauty and grace as I observe the day to day changes appearing to take place effortlessly.

I don’t think the flowers are running hard under the ground to push up as fast as possible.

It looks to me as though they patiently wait for nature to take its course.

There is something to learn from this spring ritual which will provide beauty to our garden, lettuce for our table and a feast for the squirrels.

There does not appear to be a grunting and pushing and a judgmental tribal council taking place to determine how the garden will grow and which plant will get what.

The idea of giving over to the process has some appeal.

It’s a way of non judgmentally looking at what is in our life and deciding to mindfully take care of our self in the process as the process unfolds.

When we stay in the moment with whatever is going on I think we can better evaluate what needs to happen and we are better able to take care of our self.

See how long you can go through your day without judgement.

I’ve tried and I find it hard because things happen I don’t agree with or go against how I think they should happen.

As soon as judgment kicks in, notice how you feel.

Then see if you can mindfully go with the whatever is going on.

I think you will notice a difference.

This is who you are.