When faced with life’s struggles you may want to run away or put your head down and try harder to get through it.Some people go to a quiet place and put the difficulties aside, at least for a time. SandpaperSome of us have put away the difficult memories for a long time. They have not been healed and tend to act as bumps along the road of Life. Take a lesson from the carpenters. If he wants a board to be smooth he will use sandpaper to smooth it out. He will not stand it up against the wall expecting in a few weeks to have the board be smooth. The struggles in life are like sandpaper to us. They can smooth us out getting rid of the sharp edges of history or current reality.

The carpenter knows what he is doing He knows when to use course sandpaper and when to use a fine paper to create the finish he wants. Understandably it would be wonderful to think of a trouble free life. Yet I wonder what would become of us if we didn’t have to sand off some rough edges very once in a while? This is who you are.