I have a bad habit. One of the ways I celebrate milestones is to eat something sweet.

Those who know me will tell you my favorite sweet is doughnuts.

One of my friends once made me a doughnut tree. It was basically doughnuts piled on top of one another. What a monster sugar hit that was!

However, I am also tempted by pretty much any other kind of cookie or cake.

Too much sugar!

My addiction to sugar is one that I monitor closely because I am aware of the effects of feeling super energized then falling asleep.

I think it’s the sugar working its way through my system.

Most likely we all probably need to be more careful of what we eat.

I know there are those of you who are super disciplined and would not eat what you know is not good for you.  Good for you. You can be our model.

Those of us that muddle along, just have to take care of ourselves better.

However, I have learned that words are hollow tools that do not in  themselves breed the new you that is possible.

I have also learned that the power of addiction to sweets can overtake any self talk that would tell you not to do it.

One of the tools I use is to plan to manage my eating before the event takes place.

When I picture the outcome of taking in too much sugar I remember that is not the outcome I want so I choose not to indulge.

Seems easy until the moment of opportunity arrives and the delicious slice of cake is set before you.

Keep saying, “No.”

You will feel better for it.

In each of us is our ability to choose our outcome even when the pull is strong.

When we make the choice before the addiction arrises then we have a better chance of not indulging.

That’s what I’ve learned this week about too much sugar!

This is who you are.