“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”  ― Oscar Wilde

What is your relationship to money?

May people see it as a sign of success.

Some see it as security

Others will see it as the road to happiness

Within you is an attitude about money learned long ago and far away at the knee of your elders.

There are those in the world whom you would say have nothing and are very poor and yet they appear happy.

What is the essence of money and what does it bring to your life?

It really is a means to an end.

 Money is energy just like everything else

It’s just that there has been so much emphasis put on money apparently for something that it will bring.

It can only bring what is inside of you now.

Money does not bring happiness. It may bring toys and goodies that you believe will make you happy.

Yet happiness is an inside job.

Whatever you have in this moment you can be happy with or not.

That is your choice.

The more you worry about money and not having enough the more the tendency is for that effect to show up.

Another idea is to go into the world with your passion and purpose. Know what those are then go out and be of as much service in those areas as you can.

Then see what happens.

The only certainty is in this moment.

The only happiness I right here right now.

All of it is powered by your present moment choice.

This is who you are.