This has been a busy week. What with my beloved’s birthday on February 4th and mine on the 5th there is a sense of celebration around the house. However, this kind of activity would have, in the past, pushed me into a spin of activity and non presence.

I have been looking for a particular gift for weeks. I am shooting for perfect here.

In the old days I would run around town trying to find what I wanted.

My gut would be churning.

My mind would be racing.

My self talk would be non stop staccato bursts of advice as to how to proceed.

I have changed my approach through mindful meditation.

The morning practice has brought me more focus, less angst and a greater connection to my heart voice.

Learning to take one step at a time with focus is my new way of multi-tasking.

I have realized that my attachment, anxious behavior and spinning top routine around a particular event is based on a historical perspective in which I was trying to get everything right.

There is only one moment in time.

That is this moment now.

What is it you can focus on right now that will move you in the direction you want to go?

This is the power of mindful action.

When you give up the notion that your fretting about the outcome will not give you a better outcome then you can use your mindful attention to take the next step.

This is challenging with the multitude of tasks, objectives and demands on your time.

Yet, the reality is you can only do one thing at a time.

When you start a mindful practice you can start with one minute. Then build from there.

It is not a quick pain reliever for all you feel about what you have to do. Still I have learned that a meditation practice can offer great benefit to my presence in the moment.

That allows me to get more done faster and with more clarity.

In the long run you will find you are more calm when taking on projects.

This is because when you quiet the mind you open your heart and that is where your creativity lies.

This is who you are.