A mindful life is one in which we have learned to pay attention to what is around us and what is inside us. When we are not mindful the day slides by and you notice you have not been totally present to it.

It is a function of our digital age that has us texting, Skyping and emailing all at the same time with the notion we are being efficient.

Our daily lives are so filled with activity now, it seems impossible to have a break during the day.

What happened to having a nap at noon?

The study of the development of compassion has proven that people who are good at being compassionate take regular times of silence and being alone.

They listen to their inner voice for the understanding of who they are.

They practice compassion for themselves on a regular basis.

In other words the practice of self-compassion is a conscious decision.

When we understand self compassion which includes feelings as to how we respond to our world, then we are more available to the condition of our fellow human beings.

Compassion toward others recognizes they are like you and I. They have had suffering and feelings like you and I so we can relate to them.

It is with compassion available to us that life opens to the love within us that has always been there.

This is who you are.