The obsession of the mind drives one’s behavior to act in ways it thinks you are getting what you want. Our ego mind has a one track fixation on what it thinks you and I need in the moment.

Old HouseWhen we are not aware of our physical and emotional state our mind will occupy our time and energy moving toward an objective in a way that is with a clenched fist.

Let me give you an example.

There is something I tell myself I want. It is very expensive and I don’t think I should even try to buy it.

However, when I allow my mind to obsess about an object the grasping mechanism is activated.

When this happens we lose sleep, we become unfocussed and irritated because we see the object inout mind’s eye all the time.

The way through is to let go of the grasping.

It’s like opening your fist and letting it drop on the ground as you walk away.

Gently observe how you feel and be grateful for noticing.

Let the object of your desire sink into the sunset.

Experiences will come to us without the obsessive holding on.

The thing is you have to allow for timing and opportunity to play its part in your experience.

The obsessiveness does not help the situation.

You have all you need to fulfill your wants and desires.

Let those things you want come in their own time without driving you crazy.

Hold your intention for your life today.

What is your contribution going to be?

Let that be your guide rather than focussing on an object who’s time is not for you today.

It is a gentle approach to honoring who you are and allowing your intuion to guide you rather than obsession.This is who you are.