What was the last milestone you had? Perhaps it was an award, a raise in pay or a project you completed on time. You remember the giddiness and the warmth in your gut you call good feelings for a job well done. Congratulations are in order. You have put yourself above the pack, out front you are now the lead dog and all those behind you wait with bated breath for you to tell them what their next step is. Asking what direction they should go.

You know this because it used to be you.

Your milestones are carefully measured by those around you in various forms. You know they are real because they said so. You have the reward in your pocket to prove it.

If only....external rewards truly could measure your milestones. They may provide a measure of how you met the guidelines. That’s all.

The breath you just took is a milestone.

The heart beat that just kept you alive is a milestone

The love you just felt for who you are is a milestone.

These are measures rarely acknowledged. Let them be for you.

Because every second you are alive is a milestone.