I met a young lady from Israel. She is delightful.

Peace signShe is full of life, enthusiastic about her work and has a deep nourishing relationship with her husband.

There are times we meet people and just feel the connection heart to heart.

The intelligent and thoughtful discussions we had inspired me.

I wanted to say something about the situation in her country but had trouble finding the words.

So I said to her I could not imagine living under the current conditions in her homeland.

She said neither did she. I could feel her pain.

The depth of caring for her country and for mankind came through in her warm smile, appreciative comments to others in our group and the good hearted nature with which she expressed herself.

I left wondering if surely there is not some way we could find peace in our hearts to give to others.

We are all connected on the universal web of life. Do we not see that?

It starts with peace in our own heart.

Then we spread it out in our daily life to family, friends and colleagues.

Let us practice aligning peace in our hearts with the actions we take today.

This is who you are.