We think we are authentic in our life as we go about our business.   

We think we tell it like it is.


Except we are all aware that we wear masks of one sort of another to engage, protect and get along in the world.


We have a variety of masks to choose from. Sometimes we put them on with a conscious awareness and sometimes not.


What is your favorite mask?


Do you wear the funny mask?


The competent mask. “I can fix it don’t worry.”


The victim mask. “why me?”


The courageous mask. “Ill go where angels fear to tread.”


So many to choose from and during the day you will change from one to the other depending on what you think is called for.


However, with all our mask wearing, we forget that we have an essential part of us that we call authentic. It is the part that shows up without all the trimmings.


The masks come off in various circumstances, mostly when we are called into a situation without choice. Most often in the case of some kind of trauma or serious incident the masks come off and authenticity shows up.


What if we could more often choose to bring our authentic self forward, just because that is the way we want to live?


It is within us. There are three things we need to bring our authentic self to this moment:

Awareness of self

An understanding of what masks you wear

A willingness to show others who you are in the moment they are with you.


This is who you are.