Should you wish to manifest something in your life you don’t have, a relationship, for example you will need to engage in three components. The first of these is your imagination.

Nothing happens until you awaken your imagination. It is the creative impulse of your soul.

It is the place where truth is known before you have the outcome in your hand.

Your part is to bring that which you desire alive by turning on all your senses to it.

Your imagination is creative and has no obstacles to what is created in your mind and heart.

You see you need the passion of your heart to fire up the intelligence of your mind focussed on your imagined desire.

There is more available to you that you know. People, events and circumstances will show up to help you along the way that you could never predict.

Once you have imagined in full colour and sounds the desires of your heart then you are ready to use your power of choice and your power of create.

I will talk to you about those in the next two days.

For now, sit in front of the movie screen of your life. Turn on the remote of your imagination. Then let it flow like a river full of joy.


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