We men have this role we are supposed to play, strong, responsible, take care of it all kind of guys. It is a role designed and lived from long, long ago.

mouseWe are the rulers of the land, perhaps more in our mind than in reality.

The mouse on the other hand is a soft, tiny creature without any particular outstanding features.

It eats constantly and goes about living in its environment only to scare us when it runs out from the hiding place.

The house mice, as they are known, love people. They live in and under things like our garage and even though considered wild, they are mostly harmless.

We don’t know what the mice are thinking, if they think at all, and we would probably prefer not to have anything to do with them.

They are the underdogs.

You are wondering, what’s the point here.

Consider this, not all things we see are as we see them.

We don’t know the true nature of the man we see before us.

He may appear strong, confident, assured and inside he is straining to hold it together.

The sensitive nature of people is something mostly held close to our hearts not to be revealed for fear of reprisal.

Acceptance, loving kindness and a moment to really see who and what is in front of us before we jump to conclusions may be a way to better relationships with them and ourselves.

This is who you are.