The back and forth self talk in your mind weighs the options of one direction or another.  

You just can’t decide which way to go.

There is a part of you that knows you will not figure it out with your rational intelligent mind.


You know you must look into your heart for the answer to your dilemma.


This can be a challenge when there is so much static from within and sometimes from the outside too. If friends only knew you didn’t want their answer, you wanted to find your own.

You will have to release the problem. Let it go. Take the pressure off to find and answer immediately.


You will have to wait with the energy of your hear, living only in this moment, then the next for the answer to show itself  in the whatever way it will.


For as sure as you are standing here the answer is available to you. It is hidden in the bushes of your intellect wanting to figure out the right answer and the right timing.

There is no such thing.


The answer will come when you release your resistance to being right.


This is who you a