You can run, as many of us are, to here and there on our daily trip of ego satisfaction to accomplishment.  

The ego loves this trip and helps us engage in it every day by providing nonstop instructions as to who to engage with, how to engage and what the expected outcome should be.


Oh, let us not fail to follow the instructions, for if we don’t, the critical self talk that follows will put us in a funk for the rest of the day.


This lifestyle is one of having become non conscious of the one who is here.


That one is you. I mean the authentic, non-masked one that showed up at birth and had a short time of clear living. 

Then the adults stepped in to show us how to live their lives and the lives they did not have but wanted.


It is time to make room for the one who is here. That is you.


Your intuitive soul knowing is available for conversation. However, you will have to open the channels of communication in order to hear your own voice.


It is soft, gentle and shy at first because it has not been heard for a long time.


Listen, as you would to the sounds of the forest. Listen for the guidance, intelligence and wisdom that is within you.


This is who you are.