running shoesYour journey of life may be more than a million steps and still they are a finite number. Yet your presence here is valuable.

You may not appreciate your value depending on the stories your ego has made up about you from your past.

No matter, these stories are only stories.

The only power they have over the steps you take is the power you give to these stories.

Make every step you take count as a contribution to your journey.

Let them reveal for you the essence of who you are.

Let these steps be rich with awareness such that any action manifested from your awareness count toward your contribution to who you are and your purpose here.

Is there any more important question to answer than, “Why Am I here?”

Perhaps it is, “Who am I?”

Each of these questions may fill a lifetime to answer.

As you walk this path make every step count toward a rich answer.

The answer will emerge one bit at a time as long as you bring awareness to your journey.

Without awareness you are blind while pretending to see.

Make it a practice to make every step count.

You are that important to all of us on the web of life with you.

You can choose to forgo making your steps count.

You may as well carry an empty bucket for the rest of your life with the delusion it is filled with gold.

Another choice would be to accept your precious self.

To let go of the stories of your past that have been made up.

Be excited about joining the parade rather than being a spectator.

This is who you are.