The essence of our life is love.  

Love of self comes first. Yet so many of us have forgotten how to truly love ourselves.

We typically put aside our knowing to satisfy the dreams of others. In the process we lose track of our essential nature and in so doing the love of self fades away.

It is never gone. It has been put aside but there comes a time when we are called to recover our self love.

This is the practice of learning once again the precious nature of who we are.


We come to know that we can let go of what looks like loving others before ourselves. It’s not selfish. It is selfull.


The loving kindness of the next part of your journey depends on you opening your heart to knowing the truth of who you are. Then loving those aspects of yourself so much that you absolutely embrace and embody them.


In the Hawaiian tradition there is a healing modality called Ho’oponopono. It is a method of returning to self love.

The prayer goes like this:


I am sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you


As you practice this prayer you will feel the vibration of love of who you are.

It is a return to your essential self.

This is who you are.