The love of your life is with you always.

Notwithstanding what is happening in your life whether you judge it good or bad, love it anyway.

Love, you see, is a universal energy flowing through you and readily available to you. 

The only criteria is you have to be open to receive it.

I have learned the first step in opening to a greater consciousness of love is the skill of letting go.

When we learn to let go of the traffic, the mean girl, the frustrations you face at work or home we become more present to our life in the here and now.

In this place of now you can bear witness to your life with loving energy.

It is a healing energy for all occasions.

When you have let go then you are free to listen and participate for your life in the moment.

There are many variables in our lives. Some we know are uncontrollable and yet here we are facing them head on because we are here. 

What we have learned is that we can keep our feet on the ground, our blood pressure under control and our focus sharp when we release the energy of love toward our self so we can be grounded in the moment.

I have learned there are just some things I have no control over no matter how loud I yell.

People don’t do what I always want and for any of us that is frustrating. 

But it is not the end of our world.

Let it go and do what you can with compassion, focus and attention and your wise heart will guide you.

Love your life right here and now.

It is the only one you have.

You can and will expand your consciousness to accept even more love in your life but let what you have now be enough.

Tomorrow will come soon so there is no need to rush.

This moment is the most important one you have because the love of your life is with you.

Honor her or him and smile.

This is who you are.