I had a rocky relationship with my dad and it was not until recently I realized how much I learned from him about love. Love is that energy we hold in our hearts for another person or something we care deeply about.

It transcends feeling. It captivates us more by being a whole person experience in that it crosses all aspects of us including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

When you say “I love you” you have this warmth rise up and flow through you like a river of warm honey. It is golden sweet and sumptuous.

My dad taught me about the love of his work. He worked with people every day in his medical practice that had him intimately involved with their total being. His love came through so loud his patients knew how much he cared. He did not have to speak his love for them and how much they meant to him.

My dad taught me about loving relationship. His wife, my mother, was so ill for so long yet he cared for her as best he knew how with patience, compassion and giving of himself to every circumstance to make her comfortable.

My dad taught me about loving his kids. He was always kind. He promoted us to do our best. He led by example with his integrity in his life.

Now, I ask if we are as loving, compassionate, caring and giving of self as we have learned. Yes, I can say. It is all within us and under our guidance to offer.

Can we know love in our hearts runs deep and goes into our world to make a difference?

Let's say yes and then make sure it happens.