Who do you love? Our past loves such as parents who have passed on are part of our heart’s love.

Our children, no matter what they do or how they act have a place in our heart too.

If you are in relationship, you have love for your partner. It is an active love played out each day in your interaction.

How would you describe your love for this important person?

How do you keep deepening and expanding your mutual love?

Would you do anything for the love of your life?

I have been wondering how we act out of love in a relationship with another person in order to somehow please them, get something or smooth over the rough times.

I have noticed sometimes we abandon our self in order to make someone happy.

I am not sure what we do will make them happy but we keep trying.

I am convinced the foundation of our love in the world must first and foremost reside within our self.

How much time do we spend feeling and speaking the love for all that we are.

Opinions held by others play a big role in our opinion of who we think we are.

Do we take the time to question what the other person is saying to us?

What is it they really want?

When you remove the benchmark of someone else’s love, we are left with our own sense of love for who we are.

Our opinions of who we are have been formed long ago.

I think we tend to base our opinion of how lovable we are from the input we got as kids.

To love yourself is to accept all aspects of who you are.

Here are some ideas to consider about self love:

We have a Huge Dimension. We are complex and intuitive people. Our learning is to learn to access this inner wisdom for our self.

Cherish Yourself. For each dimension of you including physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, I suggest you cherish these parts of you that are unique to you.

You and I are perfect. There really are no improvements needed to you nor I. No matter how we are built, we are still perfect in every respect. Pay attention and love all of you. Perhaps out of our understanding of our perfection we can be and act in the world from self love.

How will you demonstrate and live from a place of self love today?

I think we owe it to our self to learn to be more loving and that will allow us to be more open and forthright with those we love in our life.

This is who you are.