Want to lose weight? Stop eating.

I've noticed the more I eat the more I want to eat.

The physical craving kicks in for more sugar, more fat, more energy, whatever I have convinced myself I need.

This is a favorite ego trick.

It convinces you in an intelligent and well thought out way that how you are eating makes sense.

The scales just tell a different story.

I've noticed this about life too.

The more I allow my ego to do my thinking, the more control I want, the more I want others to do what I tell them and the more analysis and planning I undertake to make things work out the way my ego expects it to.

It is a challenge at first to have your essential self look at where you are and be OK in the moment.

There is nothing to figure out. There is just a presence to bring to this moment.

Then your essential self calms down in the face of the unknown plan.

There is no need to have the whole path figured out. As we are seeing in our world, what looks true probably isn't anyway.

So allow your essential self to come forward. Thank your ego for being of such good help to you up until now and then send it to its room.

You don’t need it for the next phase of your journey.

This is who you are.