He stood in the forest.

The path had come to an end.

The wall of trees looked impassable.

The sun could barely get through the thick canopy.

The birds were quiet.

The breeze was but a velvet touch on his skin.

How shall I go forward he asked.

Going back is not an option.

A butterfly flew in and landed on his shoulder.

Look no further she said.

The answer lies in your heart.

Look there.

Listen for the sweet sound of your own gentle voice.

The guide within you is more wise than you know.

A soothing voice sang a song to him.

You are here to listen.

You are here to know who you are.

It is your time.

Never give up the quest to express your true self.

Take action now on letting people know we live in new times.

He opened his eyes.

Thousands stood with him.

The path opened.

He walked on

This is who you are.