When you look at me I feel loved. When you look at me I feel disdain.

When you Look at me I feel unworthy.

When you look at me I feel like I can do anything.

So many conflicting self-messages come when someone looks at us.

Do they see us, we wonder?

Do we see our self?

It is so much easier to see another than to see our self.

They see in us the beauty of the world.

They see in us our compassionate heart and our wisdom.

They are the mirror of the world for us.

It’s just that our training fogs the mirror and it is hard to believe what they see.

What if we took some time to see and know what others’ see as us.

Would we be able to open our heart in a compassionate way to the purity of the angel that we are?

What would it take to realize that your experience to date can contribute positively to your future no matter its make-up?

You and I are partially made up of trillions of neurons flying around inside us looking to connect with other neurons to give us extraordinary lives.

There is nothing missing.

There is only a time factor.

How much will you make of the purity of your nature before you change your address to the next realm?

How will you be a part of creating a more wise and compassionate world, if only for yourself.

You are worth the effort, the research and the work needed to let it happen.

It’s not hard.

It’s a function of clearing the mirror, opening your eyes, listening to your heart and asking, “What is my next step?”

Then go ahead and take it.

It’s your path.