There are many fearful things in our world that we can latch onto.

You may choose to live in fear of one thing or another and still you must choose what you will do with your day.


In conversation with a couple who live on a fault line, one said she could not sleep at night for fear of the earthquake hitting at any moment. Her life activities were planned around her fear.

Her husband scoffed at the notion of an earthquake. He said it may be four hundred years before one hit. So he had no fear. Each person choosing to live their life out of the possibility they saw for disaster or not.


The choice to live this day in whatever manner is yours and yours alone.


When you feel fear, the way to live with it is to embrace it fully. Take it in and see what is there for you.

In that way the fear does not get bigger than you.

When you embrace it, you will see what there is to learn or change. Your awareness will serve you well to live in the moment.


It is when you let the fear run wild and overtake you that you become paralyzed by its nature. Yet all of it is made up in your mind as to the negative possibilities.


You are much more than your fear. You have a capacity to accept, to choose and to take action with your essential self which far outweighs anything you are facing.


Embrace it all and live from there.

This is who you are.