(This is the third in the series of Notes this week on what I am learning with my friend who has Leukemia) There is an element of  waiting when a person is facing a long road back to health.

There are no guarantees. Still, the treatments go on, the doctors come every day to talk and asses and we all wait.

She is on my mind as I wake, waiting for another day to learn about the test results of the last round of treatments.

This relationship called friend has been cracked open by her illness.

We see and hear each other in a different  way than only a few weeks ago.

The openness is new for each of us and still it feels comfortable for me.

I wonder if all of us are intended to live with each other this way?

What if we could wait with each other with whatever is going on in our lives and know that our hearts are connected?

Are they not connected anyway and we just don’t acknowledge it?

Who are you waiting with?

Do you feel the connection of your hearts?

It is evidence to me once again that the ego is only a guard at the door. It is not who we are.

Our authentic nature shows when we wait as though naked with each other feeling the connection.

This is who we are.