This week I will be writing about living, dying and loving. My friend, who lives in another city, showed up five weeks ago with a diagnosis of Leukemia.

She was being placed in the local hospital to go through four weeks of aggressive treatment. The chemotherapy would be given to her every second day.

She was given a weekend pass this past couple of days. So, my wife and I had her and her husband over for Sunday.

My friend had on a colorful hat to cover her now bald head, she walked slowly up to our door on her husbands’ arm and she gave us a raspy welcome.

We made up a bed for her on the couch and made sure she was as comfortable as possible. She was in a lot of pain. I could see that.

Her husband, who I have known for more than thirty years was at a loss. He is adjusting to his partner who is a shadow of her former self.

I sat with him during the afternoon. We talked, enjoyed golf on TV and drank coffee.

He is not a man taken to showing his emotions.

There was a tear in his eye when he said his wife’s question was, “Why me? We live well, we eat well, we take care of our bodies. How could this happen to me?”

I did not have an answer.

There is no answer to this question.

However, it brings up many questions for me that I will explore with you this week.

This intimate embrace with my friends raises one question I have started to think about.

How then shall I live?

Nothing in life is permanent even if it looks that way.

I know one thing for certain today.

I will live my life more mindfully today that I did before my fiends spent the day with me.

This is who you are.