The weapon of mass distraction today has us leaning into the strain and stress of trying to provide what everyone around us is looking for.There is an expectation you will fulfill your designated role of mother, father, executive, child chauffeur and passionate lover.


The lover part comes after a busy week of moving the obstacles from your path so that you can reach the designated goal of whatever the marker is you have agreed to.


Reach deeply into your emotional self to bring forward the passion called for and expected by your love. How much do you have to give?


When an elderly couple were asked what they would say about their lives, they provided two important pieces of information.


First, they said they had put meeting the expectations of others ahead of themselves.


Second, that they did not let themselves be happy.


They realized late in life they had a choice as to how to live. However, they had not seen the value and power of choosing their life.


How shall you live your life going forward?


There are two aspects to consider when deciding how you shall live.


The first of these is presence. When you are present you will see, feel and know what you need for yourself to be in the moment and bring happiness and a sense of self to the situation.

When you have presence you feel the flow of life running through you. It uplifts your spirits and brings clarity to your thoughts.


The second aspect you need is aliveness, an interest in your life. Some people have an opinion of themselves that their life is boring and so are they. Their energy is low. Their aliveness to the moment is not available.

When you have aliveness you are interested in what is going on around you and what your contribution could be.


You are sharply present and conscious of who you are in that moment.


Living true to yourself means to give up the false notions that have been taught to you. Give up the distractions that do not serve you.


Live your life as though it were your last moment and promise yourself to make the most of it.


This is who you are.