As you know, everything changes over time.

It happens in small bits so much so you hardly notice it.

For example, I used to have a great head of hair. Now I have more hair growing in my eyebrows than on my head.

How does that happen?

Little bits of change over time.

This is how the journey of life works.

Some changes you have control over, like what you eat and some you don’t like getting older.

However, the ball is in your court to decide how you handle the bits of change you can.

You see it is not the changes themselves that are bothersome, it is how you handle them.

Isn’t it great to realize you are in charge?

But now the problem arises that if you are in charge then you are also responsible.

You are the captain of your own ship.

One little change a day...eventually...makes for a big change in direction.

When you add them up over a lot of years you create your life.

Love it or not your ship sails with you at the helm.

This is who you are.