A battery has a limited amount of power it can deliver over a set period of time. batteryThe life of the battery has a time frame after which we have to throw it away.

Here’s an example.

I have been wearing hearing aids for about three weeks now.

The battery life is about seven days. Then I hear beeping tones in my ears about every hour.

That is the indication the batteries are wearing down and must be replaced.

The fact that the batteries have a limited life has nothing to do with the technology to which they are attached.

However, I have observed many of us have a notion that our capabilities are limited.

We have carried around stories of ourselves that we are limited.

We are not aware of our long term usefulness or our unlimited creativity.

We have forgotten the notion we can imagine a life far different from what  we have now if we so desire.

It is within us because unlike a battery we have no power limits.

Our self confidence has been eroded by our training, our schooling and our work.

We have been told how to succeed in a world that has edges and rules and constraints.

You are not a battery because you have far greater capabilities than a battery. You can think and plan and imagine.

A battery only delivers power for a limited time in a specific way.

You and I have much more breadth than that.

In the end our life is limited like a battery but the differences along the way are significant.

You get to choose how you use your power. A battery does not. It’s use is directed from the outside.

Your power of choice is something a battery does not have.

This is who you are.