You can tell a new season is on its way.

Garden2The light has changed in the morning.

It is darker in the kitchen at six thirty in the morning.

The garden seems quieter now like the plants are resting after growing all summer.

The plants are regal in appearance sitting tall and straight and quiet.

The change of seasons happens slowly.

I think it gives us time to adjust to a new phase.

You can feel it in your body too.

It feels more quiet like something is coming to completion.

The fall is the harvest time.

It is a time of abundance and gratitude for what has grown and been brought to life over the spring and summer.

This is like a phase in your life too.

Depending on your age you may be in the harvest season.

One day no wrinkles.

The next day some show up. What?

Where did they come from?

It is a natural process.

It is slow and steady and comes as surely as the seasons change.

Whatever season you are in, be in it fully with awareness, like the plants in your garden

They grew each day during spring and summer as they reached for the sun.

Your plants loved the rain and the nourishment it brought.

What nourishes you in this season of your life?

This is who you are.