What is the reference point for your life? Some of us reference our anger, our regrets or our lack of fulfillment.

Some of us reference love of our work, our family or our health.

Whatever we reference in our life, it provides a context for our intentions and our actions.

I love helping people through the work that I do. I love writing and through my writing providing information that will be helpful to you.

I would say the reference for my life is the love I have for my life both in work and family.

It has taken time to come to know this love.

I used to be referenced to the work I did in a large corporation.

My personal value came from the people I worked with, how much money I made and what the next promotion looked like.

Now, my question when I get up in the morning is how can I contribute hope and inspiration to someone’s life through what I do.

It’s a self referencing check-in to see if I know where I am. I think it is an important question to ponder for a few minutes.

As life unfolds, and it always will, it is important to be aware of how we are and where we are.

This means we need a mindful approach to our life.

When you feel yourself speed up inside you know you need to slow down and take one step at a time.

Stuff happens. Every day we have the opportunity to be happy, challenged, dispirited or bewildered.

How can we bring clear thinking about our reference point back to our life as we face the stresses and strains?

Here’s what I would say:

Understanding. If we understand our inner motivation we know what our reference is for our life.

Love. I think we need to know self-love and practice it compassionately because there are so many times we do stuff wrong or not well enough. Then practice bringing love and compassion to all those we meet in the day.

Be resolute. When you have strong intention, I think you become much clearer about your reference. It gives you a strong, “Why” for whatever you are doing.

When tough stuff shows up I use them as a practice to deepen my mindful awareness of my life.

That’s when the access to the deepest part of you shows up to give you another chance to examine your reference.

This is who you are.