We set up complicated stories about our life within and without.  

The problem is the stories are all lies. However, they help us because they provide the illusion of certainty. 


Wherever we go there we are. Our authenticity is always available, usually in the background.


Darn you just can’t escape who you are acting out to be when you are with others. It’s how you have learned to do your life.


When you go to work, the mask you put on creates a mystery for others because they will not know who you really are.


That’s ok you may not know the answer yourself, so you continue to be  a mystery to yourself.


Life’s mystery, is one we have created because we do not yet understand that the way we act is not who we are. It is usually a way of helping others accept us as we undertake to do what we think will make them happy. 


It never works and the more you try to figure out why the world is not acting according to your needs the world has moved on to other things.


The brain is the technology you put to use in this endeavor. 


The mind is the placeholder for all the wisdom of the world you have not yet realized is within your grasp.


Yes, you have access to the unconscious connection to your mind.


Thus, you have access to your essential authenticity.


This is who you are.