There are three motivations in life, mundane, excited and passionate.  

If you live in the mundane space, you live your life basically to be happy.

You go to work, take care of the kids or whatever you think brings happiness into your life.


Your means of getting that happiness is what most of us think will work, like have a successful career, be a good parent and acquire the worldly goods that your friends and neighbours have that make them happy.


When you are excited about your life you have a bigger vision. You have thought about how you can make a difference and how to improve things.


You have a skill or specialty that you know is helpful in the world and you keep looking for ways to make it happen and bring it to the world.


However, you are still self-focused in terms of converting what you know into something that will help you.


The biggest playing field is when you become passionate about your life.


You have studied your history and you know there is way more to you then what you have been taught.

You have studied consciousness and know that you can supersede anything that has come up in the past because you know your thinking brain is only the technology of the greater mind.


In this phase you use your powerful essential self and all your access to consciousness to help others.


It is a big playing field when you become passionate. The universe goes to work to align with you.


This is who you are.