It occurs to me that every once in while during my life I have had a feeling that there is lots of change in my life. I find it uncomfortable when I can’t control what is going on and I can’t control the outcome because I can’t see all the aspects of the path I am on.

It is that time in my life now when beautiful and unplanned things are happening. My life is in transition.

The office from which my wife and I have worked for the past sixteen years is now up for lease.

We did it.

It was our decision to put the space on the market because we know the nature of our work is changing.

I stood back from the window the other day after I had put the sign in the window.

There was a touch of sadness because I have come here almost every day for sixteen years.

The fact is though, if your life is in transition and you feel it, I think you owe it to yourself to ask what is the next step to take with awareness.

For us, it is moving on out of a space that we call our home away from home.

Our lives are always moving and shifting even if we don’t see it all the time.

It’s when we feel the big shift that it gets our attention.

I am taking this opportunity to walk through this transition with joyful awareness.

Here are  some lessons I have learned. I am sure there will be more.

When I live in the moment, the moment shows up and I am aware enough to know what I need to do.

When I focus on one thing at a time the experience is much richer than if I am scattered and try to multitask.

I am not letting go of my office space. I am learning what is the resistance within me that holds me back from my next step of freedom.

When I dwell on the past, I set up a resistance to all the good that is available to me now and in the new future coming to me.

The more I am open to accepting what Life has to offer without trying to control it, the more joy I feel in my heart.

I have heard it said that the point of greatest exhilaration for a trapeze artist is the space between leaving one bar and flying through the air to the next bar.

That describes life transition to me.

This is who you are.