“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”  John Lennon You travel the sweet path of your life oblivious to the fact that we are all connected.

Have you ever thrown a boomerang? It will come back to you. All you have to do is let it go with a swoosh of your arm.

What you sow, you reap.

The problem is so much of our world looks like it is singular, disconnected with no relationship one to the other.

Yet this is not the truth.

When you give of yourself from your heart it will come back to you in some way.

You may not notice how it comes back but it will.

When you act in a kind way something will be returned. You may not see it, feel it or even know it has come yet there it will be. The gift returned.

When you are angry and put it into the world, it will also come back to you.

What you will have to realize is that if you see something in someone else then you will have to accept it also lives within you. Otherwise you could not see it.

When you stand in front of your mirror and speak your dream, only you will hear it. When you share it with other supportive souls, the world hears it.

You are not alone. We are connected.

This is who you are.