We seem to hang on to things.  

We hang on to possessions.

We hang on to our adaptation from childhood.

We hold on to the way we want things to be.


There is so much wanting and grasping around us.

We search for the best buys on “Black Friday” and then we are tempted to go for the technology on “Cyber Monday”.


We have the notion that our possessions give us something.

What do they provide for us?


We have beautiful things in our home to provide visual and emotional satisfaction and comfort.


Our attitudes and behaviors, long in the tooth for the length of time they have been with us provide security and certainty because when we

“know” we are right, then we have a place to stand we can call our own.


What if we practiced letting go? What would be possible to create?


Personally, I love to hang on to stuff. I’ve only had one garage sale in my life and I’ll never have another.  It’s just too hard to bargain away my prize possessions I think are worth hundreds and someone else is only willing to pay nickels.


However, I have taken the brave step of cleaning out my office. I had to take it back from the spiders and cobwebs and dust in the corners.


I did it though and I found that I enjoyed it.


There were two main benefits that showed up for me.


First, I realized I felt lighter. A weight had been lifted from my shoulders. What a relief! Second, the energy of the room completely changed. It is light, flowing and wonderful to walk into compared to before the cleaning.


It’s a delight being in my space today. I never would have imagined that.


I think the same holds true for attitudes, like wanting to hang on to the way you want things to be.


Whatever way things are is the way they are.


Accepting them will lighten your load and release the emotion you are holding onto.


Letting go is a practice that is essential to your well being.  It brings you closer to who you are.


Once you start you will feel lighter, happier and more free.


This is who you are.