Let’s be honest. We all have a lot of stuff stored away in places we don’t want to talk about.  

The grasping and wanting has gone on for a long time. Now it is showing up around our waist, in our garage and most likely in that spare room we wanted a long time ago, for another purpose.


I’ve noticed in our community the new houses are sporting three car garages. How come, I asked. Does everyone have three cars now?


No, my learned friend said the extra space is for a boat, a trailer or a workshop. Sounds like room for more stuff to me.



How is grasping a problem? It stops us from enjoying the things we say are important to us like our health, our families and our passion.


It causes us pain. We try to ignore it but there it is in front of our nose every day.


There are four steps to letting go of the grasping.


The first step is to notice the pain that is caused by all the grasping. There is never enough and it is never the right stuff. So we keep grasping.


The second step is to become conscious of our grasping. Then we can be more present to the action of letting it go.

We see the possibility of freedom in releasing the energy of grasping.


The third step is to notice our triggers around grasping. What sets off our wanting to have that extra something when we don’t really need it.


Once we notice the triggers then we become aware of what it will take to reduce the craving and eventually eliminate it.


That brings us to the fourth step. Love yourself enough to feel the loss of letting go of the grasping. There will be space within you that you didn't feel before.

Stay with it and see what you could fill that space with in your life.


There are things you want to do in your life that could take the place of grasping. Then when the urge comes up again you will feel it and be able to turn away from it to the important things in your life.


This practice will provide the chance to be present in your life.

When you are present you feel the joy of the moment.

The laughter in your heart becomes a waterfall of joy in your being.


You will feel lighter than you have in years.


This is who you are.