So often we say let go…

Take your hand off the wheel and let your guidance be available for the next step in your life. Good advice, we might say but…


My experience and observation is that we only let go when there is no other choice.


Our egos drive the bus, choose the direction and monitor the speed to wherever it thinks we need to go.


We are obsessed with our need to control every aspect of our life and the lives of those around us.


It fills our time. It keeps us so busy there is little time for anything else.


The busyness has taken over such that there is no time to pursue that which we long for.


Then events happen that we have no control over. 


We have to let go of the outcome because we know we are not in charge.


If you let go of control then how would you live your life?


You most likely would have more time to figure that out.


The essential nature of our life is intuitive and wise. You can always count on it to guide you.


Take a chance and let go of just one thing you think you control and see what happens.


This is who you are.