It is time to let go and say goodbye but my heart wants to hold on forever. I know that statue has been sitting in the corner for five years. Still I want to hold on to it for sentimental reasons. I might want it sometime in the future. I may have a need for it in another room.

If I give it away now I will have to let go of all the sentiments attached to it. Then it will be gone forever. Besides which, I paid a lot of money for it just a few years ago.

Letting go can be tough because of what our egos tell us is important about that object or maybe it’s a person, we called a friend.

Everything has a lifecycle. Our planet earth has been going through evolution for millions of years and so are we. The cycle never stops. When you get to one point you are only there for a millisecond and then you move on to the next.

Your body regenerates itself many times over your lifetime. There is a natural process of letting go built into the system.

It’s when we get into our heads about keeping things and we attach a certain importance to them that may not be true.

You will find as you look around your home there is a lot to let go of. The clutter is not only around you it is in you when you don’t let it go.

Here’s the challenge.

In the next twelve months throw or give away everyday one thing that you don’t need any more.

It can be anything. You’ll know what it is. After a short time you will feel lighter, guaranteed.


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