Hopeful Notes  

The holiday season is a crazy one. We all are calm in September and by December 1st my guts are in a knot trying to figure out what to do and how to be and how to stay present in all the craziness.

The whole season has not been a happy one for me and yet I feel like I have worked my buns off trying to make it happier for me and others. It’s been a big job.

So, this Thursday I want to talk with you about this whole holiday thing.

Yep, thirty minutes to talk turkey about what is really going on and how to make it better

Here’s the detail:

When: Thursday, December 20th     Time: 11:30 to noon - Mountain Time

How: Dial 1-559-670-1000 (This is a long distance call)

Enter PIN Number 644776#

I look forward to talking to you on Thursday