The listlessness of being a wandering generality leaves you without sun in your heart, lightness in your step and purpose in your conversations. The assumptions you make about your conversations, experiences and encounters leads to a chaotic torrent of blah, blah, blah in your mind that only serves to deepen your confusion about what you are doing here.

You may not have a lofty intention of being President of this or that and that is not necessary anyway.

The thing that opens the energy channels is your clear purposeful intention of your life one moment at a time.

My intention is to bring inspiration and hope to the world one Hopeful Note at a time. As the word spreads the intention spreads and the aim is fulfilled.

There is no quitting once you start.  Let your aim be true in nature and substance. Talk is cheap.

Action taken from the inside out in alignment with your intention leads to changes in the world of which you may not be aware. That’s ok too.

Let your aim be true for you anyway. Don’t quit your intention. It usually dies from the inside out because you are listening to distorted feedback from the outside and taking it in.

It doesn’t matter what one mad hatter says to you about your intention. If it is true for you then it is true in your world.  Do not be swayed by those that don’t really know you.

The passion you bring today, the present moment engagement and the connection from one heart to another will make your aim be true.

My intention is to bring inspiration and hope to the world.

What is yours?