Your life is flying by at a rapid pace. So rapid in fact it seems that all is chaos on a moment by moment basis. “How can I find peace?” you ask.

“Where can I get some rest?” you pray.

In the midst of taking kids to soccer, managing family dynamics, handling a career and perhaps having to handle the affairs of aging parents, it all seems too much.

Take a breath!

We all must stop. If we do not grab a moment for ourselves all is lost as we operate from old patterns trying to keep our head above water.

You are distinguished with an amazing power. This is a power you came with and use every day. You just use it in an unconscious way.

Take control through your power of choice. This is easy to say. A simple practice of becoming conscious of the choices we make.

Yet good intentions lead to disappointment when not followed by conscious actions.

You have old patterns that are deeply engraved in your intellectual pathways.

Use your power of choice in a conscious way and see if you make different decisions.

For sure, grab a moment of quiet time for yourself so there can be peace in your heart even for a short time. It is within you.