Who is the best excuse maker around? You? Me? I would guess all of us are good at making excuses.

I am great at making excuses because I love to rationalize my behavior, my attitudes and what I think about what's going on.

Excuses give us a sense of well being that is delusional but we feel good about it all.

Well, sometimes. I bet there are times when you made an excuse you didn’t feel so good about but then maybe that was because you did not tell the truth.

Our excuses are good stories we tell. They sound good and make us feel good because we want to be accepted by others.

Sometimes we even tell ourselves the stories. The excuse as to why you did this and not that.

Unfortunately excuses do not bring us harmony and peace.

We ache for inner peace to relieve the pain of the stress we feel about our life.

The way to more harmony is to embrace the reality of whatever is going on at the moment.

We must practice self-compassion and forgive ourselves sometimes for the discomfort we have created.

Then to know the good and the true about us is the way to create more harmony.

Telling the truth can be hard but in the end it is the best way to have the inner peace we seek.

Then we won’t have to keep up the false front and make up more excuses.

When you have practiced knowing the truth of who you are you can speak from that place and you will create harmony.

At least the harmony will be within you and that is the first place to start. Then it can be extended to others.

Let your excuses be gone.

Live in the now from your truth and beauty.

I think things will work out better.

This is who you are.