We often have hopes and dreams and expectations about getting things in our life that we want. When they don’t come on our time table we get upset and wonder why the universe is not supporting us in getting what we want.

Hey, maybe it is. Maybe there is a reason you are not getting what you want when you want it.

Is there something to learn?

Are you to be more open to gifts from the universe that doesn’t look like what you expect?

Maybe you are intended to live just in this present moment and accept all that is here right now for you.

If you are reading this, for example, I would guess your heart is working for you. Perhaps that is your gift in this moment.

Look closely at all that you have right here and right now.

You are blessed with so much and in the acceptance of what you have you can make room for more.

Let go of your time table. Accept that this is the moment of power, choice and creation.

This is where the action is. No point getting upset if it doesn’t look like what you expect. It actually might be better.