Rush, Rush,Rush…Oh so much to do and so little time. How will you possibly get it all done on time.

Yes, there is a time limit.

You must operate within it.

Or.. all hell breaks lose because you’ll be late for the party.

The big event is coming fast and you are the main participant.

Who will be there?

Why, you, of course, and your band of talking angels in your head.

Rush, Rush, Rush… so much to do.

You must eat fast. Don’t wait to digest. Just get in the car and go.

Where are you going?

Why, rushing to the next project, of course, and  the next meeting and your next life.

Inside of you burns a flame that is hot to touch.

Your heart is beating so fast you think it will come out of your chest.

It might if you are late for the party.

This story is all made up, of course, in your brilliant mind.

In your mind the voices yell and scream you need to be somewhere other than where you are.

There is something more important than this moment.

You have trained yourself to believe the voices and you flow their instructions.

You know you are more fun than you think you are!

But who would know?

Stop for a moment.

Take a breath.

Let your body feel the chair.

There is only one moment. That is now.

There is only one party and it is in this moment wherever you are.

There is nowhere to get to. There is only somewhere to be.

There is no one screaming you are late for the party except you yelling at yourself.

Take a breath.

Look up to the sun and be grateful for your life right now where ever you are.

This is your greatest moment.

There is no other. The moment of the past is gone. The moment of the future has not arrived.

Live this party right now like never before by bringing your presence, your love and your gratitude with all your heart.

Moment by moment enjoy your party.

This is who you are.