Like never before, I hear people complain there is a lack of time.  

Our lives are moving in a way that we seem to have lost a sense of what time it is. Where am I and where do I have to be next?


Projects, be they family oriented or work oriented have deadlines, goals., criteria and strategies all designed to complete something that looks like perfection while in the mean time planning for the iceberg ahead that is not seen yet.


The notion of “being on time” has taken on a new importance in our culture. You are measured as to your perfection if you are on time.

There is no room for taking more time than someone of importance has deemed appropriate.


We speed along our city freeways and we run to the gym for our workouts. We breath heavily and feel our hear rate jump as the car in front of us goes too slow.


It is a breathless time. The physical body tries to cope with caffeine, sugar, fried foods or anything that looks and tastes like an energy booster.  

Do you sense there is anxiety about all this?

I certainly do. We are aiming to get somewhere but where is that?

As far as I know the journey of life is a journey. Its destination, if there is one, surely will be when you are passing on from this realm and maybe not even then.


Here is a practice to help you thrive a little more in a chaotic world.


1. Decide to make a change - A small one. Don’t take on the big stuff all at once

2. Choose something that will give you a break. Let’s say, for example, sit quietly.

3. Take 5 minutes no more. If you try to make it big your mind will resist.

4. In that 5 minutes feel your breath and notice if you are present. Your mind will wander and that is OK. Just bring it back

5. Try this twice the first week. That’s keeping it simple. Make an appointment with yourself to do it at a specific time.


After a couple of weeks you will notice that you want to change the routine. Go ahead.


This is how to touch and nourish your essential nature.

This is who you are.